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SparkScholars is trailblazing a new future for forensics. Join us and enroll in a FREE online debate workshop for African American and Latinx Students from grades 6 – 10!

Summer Workshop

1.5 hours per day
4 days per week

3 or 4 weeks

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Spark Scholars Academy

1.5 hours once a week

Middle School Tournament League

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Our mission

Why Debate?

Debate as a high school activity allows students to gain many long lasting skills that are critical in shaping the policy makers of the future.

Debate helps students gain confidence, curiosity, and communication. Debate also teaches students skills including research, critical thinking, listening, inquiry, and problem solving. These skills are necessary for impactful advocacy. In times like these, the world (and our country) need strong voices from a variety racial of backgrounds.

This workshop will also encourage more African American and Latinx participation in debate, setting students up for success if they choose to join the activity in the future.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

- Nelson Mandela


The Programs

Spark Scholars Summer Workshop Sessions

Topic: "What policies should the government prioritize to combat the effects of COVID-19?"

The Spark Session

A free 3-week workshop consisting 2 weeks of lessons and 1 week of debate rounds, including a tournament. The time commitment will be around 1.5 hours 4 times a week. At the end, there will be a 2 day tournament.

the flame session

A free 4-week workshop. The first 3 weeks are in conjunction with the Spark session, with an added on final week of 5 more lesson days followed by a tournament over the weekend.  Flame session is for students that are eager to learn more about the real world and gain debate skills. Students are welcome to sign up for the extra week that flame session offers after the spark session.

Spark Scholars Academy Sessions

Topic: “Resolved: College should be free.”

The Spark Session

Students require no prior debate experience. Free 90 minute lessons conducted over zoom once a week with optional one-on-one office hours. Students will have the opportunity to compete in regional debate tournaments against opponents from other schools or programs. 

the flame session

The Flame Session takes a deeper dive into the art of debating, discussing more complicated topics. Flame Session is for students with prior debate experience, including completion of Spark Scholars summer program. Free 90 minute lessons once a week with optional one-on-one office hours. Students will have the opportunity to compete in regional debate tournaments against opponents from other schools or programs. 

% of Black collegiate Policy Debaters 1989​
% of Minority collegiate Policy Debaters 2000
% of BIPOC in 116th Congress
Black/Latinx PF Debaters in Gold TOC Outrounds 2020


It's time to support underrepresented minority youth in debate.

Our goal is to increase African American and Latinx participation in debate and give more people the incredibly valuable skills gleaned from debate.


Lisa Honeyman

Head Coach of Newton South Speech and Debate Team

Laila, Maya, Anais & Julian are the best! I am thrilled to support them in their efforts to provide underrepresented youth with a free opportunity to hone their public speaking skills. These passionate, articulate students are accomplished debaters who hold themselves to the highest standards of personal integrity. I applaud their efforts to affect positive change by helping others find their voices.

Gayatri Aryan


I would definitely recommend this program to my acquaintances because I believe that the capacity to debate is an important skill that children should work on. It is important because debate could help children develop essential critical thinking skills, teach them the importance of presenting clear evidence to back up their point of view. More importantly, it could help reinforce their capacity to accept and respect others’ opinions without having to agree with them.



My overall experience with this program has been extremely positive, the instructors are always willing to lend a helping hand. All of the instructors are extremely kind, passionate, and always there to help us if we need it. The program has taught me the art of debate, and because of it I would like to pursue debate through High School. Every lesson is so well thought out and engaging, and I learned so much from being in this program. I would definitely recommend this to my friends, because the program itself is so interesting and fun.

getting started

How does virtual camp work?

Ready to meet your full potential?

The classroom code will be sent to those registered. 

We will use a combination of ZOOM and Google Meets all accessible through Google Classroom.

Parents will automatically receive daily updates on the workshop after registering their child. 

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