Summer Program FAQ's

Yes! We are completely student founded, run, and operated. 

Completely free!

African American and Latinx students from 6th-10th grade

Spark Session: July 13th – July 30th

Flame Session: July 13th – August 9th

It will be a relatively loose structure to ensure that we encourage open-minds. There will be opening statements, cross-examination, refutation, and closing arguments. The topic is as follows: What policies should the government prioritize to combat the effects of COVID-19?

Fill out our survey and expect a confirmation email. https://forms.gle/eSEf57sbTdbyVz9k7 

Debate has greatly impacted our lives, and we want to share this activity we love so dearly with more people. We recognize that African American and Latinx are chronically underrepresented, and debate tournaments nationally do not reflect the diversity of our country. Our goal is to encourage more black and brown debaters by increasing early exposure. We also hope to help students develop the skills of analysis, critical thinking, and public speaking. These skills are integral for effective advocacy and fundamentally changing the status quo – in debate, our communities, and the wider country and world.

We are specifically designing this camp to foster a community of individuals that is deeply respectful. We believe ALL humans should be treated with dignity and respect simply for existing. With this mindset, we will create an experience that puts people of color at the front and center to further our goal of increasing diversity in debate. This will be a safe space where intellectual bullying, racist remarks, and generalized ill will will not be tolerated. Students thrive best in environments where they feel safe, accepted, heard and represented. We prioritize individualized care and attention to make sure that no student will be left behind through one-on-one office hours and small class sizes (maximum 12).

Flame session is for students that are looking to get more out of this camp. Flame session includes an additional week of learning followed by a weekend tournament to put what students have learned into practice.
If you’re unsure, you can always sign up for the Flame session after you’re done with the Spark session.

Over Google Meets that will be accessible through Google Classroom

Email us at hello@sparkscholarsdebate.com or your instructor and we will be happy to coordinate makeup times if the lesson is essential. We are flexible!

Email hello@sparkscholarsdebate.com with any other questions!

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