Dates: JULY 26 - AUGUST 6 (Monday through Thursday)

Times: 1 pm - 3 pm EST

Where: Online via Zoom

For additional information, reach out to us at

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General Information

Number of lessons: 8

Cost: free!

Necessary Supplies:

    • computer with the ability to run Zoom and a browser concurrently
      • We recommend using a computer, but a tablet could suffice.
    • a stable wifi connection
    • access to a word processor (ex. Google Docs, Microsoft Words, Apple Pages, etc.)
    • willingness to learn

Time Commitment:

    • 1.5 hours, 4 days/week
    • optional “office hours” that our staff hold to have one on one time with students
    • 1-2 hours of “homework” outside of class per week

Age groups:

    • rising 7-8th graders
    • rising 5-6th graders

Class size: Maximum 12 students per instructor (all classes will have a teaching assistant)

Topic: TBA

Goals: Research, argument development, responding to arguments, understanding the big picture, putting it into practice via debate rounds

Week 1

Intro to topic + Cases

  1. Introduction to debate
    • Purpose
    • Benefits
    • Format
    • Video of a debate round
  2. Intro to the topic
  3. Preliminary research
    • Argument breakdown/thinking argumentatively
    • How to research
  4. Beginning work on cases
    • Explain case structure
    • Example Case
  5. Office hours to workshop cases

week 2

How to Prepare for Debate

  1. Go over debate structure
    • Flowing in round
    • Cross
  2. Refutation 
    • types of responses
    • Intro to prewritten refutation 
  3. Office hours 
  4. Modified Congressional Debate round
  5. Closing arguments
    • Weighing
    • Crystallization
  6. Weekend Office hours to finalize cases, blocs etc. in preparation for tournament

week 3

Put it into practice!

  1. Mock Round: non-elimination with judges
  2. Office Hours
  3. Day 1 of tournament
  4. Day 2 of tournament


Extra lessons

  1. Economics
  2. Politics
  3. Responding to points you don’t know
  4. Speaking, cadence, and fluency
    1. [in small groups] Everyone prepared 2 minutes speech on something they’re interested in
  5. Spar Debates 
  6. Day 1 of tournament
  7. Day 2 of tournament
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